Flirtitude Sports Bra

I spotted a sports bra at JC Penney last week that had molded cups.  My least favorite thing about a sports bra is uni-boob.  I have wanted to get some with more molded cups to give some actual shape to my boobs when working out.  Hey, that is important too!

It is the Flirtitude Microfiber Sports Bra and these retail at $17 each or if you buy 2 than $12 each.  I decided to try them on and after taking them home to try on again under my workout clothes I am hooked!

It looks like I had a boob job!  Seriously, I love it!!!  I plan to buy more.


This is the image off the JC Penny website.

I don’t run so I am not sure how this bra would hold up for major activity.  I do kickboxing and step classes and it seems to support me just fine.

I wish my everyday bra made my boobs look as good as this one does.  It makes wearing workout clothes that much more fun though.

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Sheila said...

I bought a couple of these when they were on sale and they are the most comfortable bras EVER. If they made a nude color, I would never wear any other bra!