Checking In

I am just getting back from a quick road-trip vacation to North Idaho. I will be back with some photos and, hopefully, usual posts here soon. I like to get a post up each day but need to get to writing!!

Today I will share something I just saw posted a few days ago on the WW message boards. Nichole shared the Beck thought of the day. Judith Beck wrote "The Beck Diet Solution: Train Your Brain To Think Like A Thin Person". I have the book and I am thinking it might be time to actually read it! It can be a very helpful book for people in maintenance.

"If, after you lose weight, you think, 'I’d like to lose a little more but I don’t think I can eat less or exercise more,' ask yourself: would my life really be so different if I were a few pounds lighter? Yes, I’d like it, but it’s likely I’d have to work so hard to stay there that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it anyway. In the scheme of things, your life probably won’t be drastically improved if you lose a few more pounds, so instead of thinking about where you’d like to be, think about how much better your life is where you are now."

Since I just got home from vacation and cannot seem to ever NOT gain weight, it is really easy to think I need to jump back into it all 120% and kill myself at the gym. Before I went on vacation I was treading very close to the top of my weight range. It makes for some nervous monthly WIs. You also all know I have not felt like following my usual exercise routines. All that together can make for a danger zone with very steep cliffs!

Once I can get back into my normal route I will need to decide if losing more weight is really a necessity. During our vacation I packed some shorts to enjoy some warm weather and sunshine. They still fit, which isn't a surprise. Do I really need to be 10 pounds lighter? Probably not. But I do need to lose some vacation weight!

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