Using WW eTools

I am making a commitment to use eTools to track my food this week.  I have been using a paper tracker, and now the 12-week journal, since I started WW.  It had always cost extra to get eTools so I just went the paper route.  When I joined WW I also didn’t have a computer at home or a smart phone.

As technology evolved, or rather I evolved with technology, I considered getting eTools but it was still an extra cost.  After all, I was a free LT member so why pay for eTools?  A few years ago WW started giving free eTools to LT members who WI at goal each month.  I started collecting my free codes and I do use eTools to look up PPV and recipes but never to track.

This week I am going to give it a good commitment and see what I think.

So far, it is just okay.  The first day was a little rough.  It feels like it takes a while to search the data base, epically if you are looking for a certain name brand product.  I find at times it is easier to use the scanner to just scan the product label or to even add it manually using the nutritional information.  I also have used the quick add for a few items as well.

Today is my second day.  I was able to pre-track some food last night that I planned for lunch so that was nice.  I am also eating some of the same foods from yesterday so I was able to add them to my favorites and also use the recently added option.  I haven’t broken the system yet!
This is from Google so not a photo of my actual log-in

What I like about the 12-week paper tracker is the ability to write down my feelings and thoughts and plan out my week.  That doesn’t mean eTools still wouldn’t be a valuable tool but I might have to plan using another method.

I am giving it at least until Saturday.  We shall see.

If you have any suggestions, let me know!

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