Lack of Exercise

I have been getting on the scale at home in the mornings expecting to see a lower number.  Well, in all honesty I think I am getting on the scale each morning hoping to just not see a higher number.

The sad part is that I am not doing anything to really show a lower, or less high, number on the scale.  I still have not found my umph!

Mostly I have lost my exercise umph.  I just don’t feel like exercising.  I know activity makes me feel good.  I know I don’t have to sweat to death to still make it effective.  I also know that if I just commit to 20 minutes then I will feel better than if I had done nothing at all.

So, what happens when you KNOW all of this but still don’t want to?

Well normally I would say you just pull up your big girl panties and do it anyway.  But that isn’t working either.

The second thing I would say is that your food needs to be on track if your exercise is lacking.  I am at least holding my own on the food front.  I am cooking meals again and eating my leftovers at work.  I am also not turning to the crap foods that don’t have any nutritional value.  There are some positives despite having little to no motivation!  Plus, I know in the back of my mind what “free loading” for too long can do to your weight loss and maintenance plan.

We are headed out of town for a few days to stay at a B&B.  This could pose a challenge so I am committing to stay mindful.  I should also prepare myself mentally for a gain upon my return.  I am not saying I will eat like a fat kid but I am staying that I should prepare that being out of my usual routine on top of lack of motivation prior could bring on some unwanted pounds.

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