Down 5 Pounds

Hello and Happy Wednesday.

I'm a bit short on time but wanted to check in. I had a great WI today and lost another 2.6 pounds for a total of 5.2 pounds lost. I collected my 5lb star at my WW meeting today. Yahoooo! Weight can drop off pretty fast at first so now I must work on the hard part. I didn't meet my goal last week of getting under 200 pounds on my home scale. I am going to see if I can perhaps get the scale to budge again this week. That is the plan! I also need to ramp up the activity more this week. I was able to earn 14 APs last week, which is great. I struggled with feeling mentally and physically tired.

Speaking of physically tired, I am so sore from my PT appointment on Monday. It is amazing how you feel when you are working actual muscles! I am really hoping this will continue to help my back. It has already helped a lot with my hip pain. I had to get a little creative last night in trying to do one of the hip flexer moves. I don't have high enough clearance on our bed or couch to successfully let my leg hang off the edge like I do in PT. I realized last night I could use our high kitchen chairs and by putting two side by side I was less likely to fall off and kill myself. Okay, maybe slightly dramatic!

I am headed to Murphy today to help my cousin do some clean up on the ranch where we will hold our family reunion/150th celebration in about a month. I am hoping I'll earn some APs walking and/or hauling stuff around. I plan to wear my HRM.

Okay, I gotta jet.

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