Re-Committed To WW

After I wrote my post on Identity, I came home from vacation with a very minimal gain.  However, I didn’t get back on track and that minimal gain became a larger gain.  Upon or immediate return, I needed to wear some of my dressier clothes and sadly, they did not fit.  It is one thing to try and ignore the tightness of my jeans or the fact my muffin top is slowly growing in size.  It is a totally other thing to realize that almost your entire closet of clothes either doesn’t fit or if it does magically still fit it doesn’t look as good as it once did.

I used to pride myself on knowing my clothes would fit from season to season.  Now I can’t even get my size 14 dress clothes to button, zip, or even clear my hips and thighs.  It is a horrible feeling.  I am also starting to feel my extra weight gain and that is part of what brought me to WW eight years ago.

Something HAS to change.  Not more, “I should” or “I need to” or “I’ll try.”  It is time to take action.
On Wednesday I recommitted to WW.  I got on the scale and faced the ugly number that greeted me.  I am going to make this journey a positive one and work really hard to take some weight off.  My first focus is just 10 pounds.  Then we will go from there.

This week I have committed to:

  • Trying out Simply Filling.  I have tried SF in the past and didn’t keep at it for very long.  In order to really make SF work you have to eat a lot of fat free products, which I just don’t anymore.  However, I am hoping that if I am spending my 7 WPPA a day on such things are creamer or peanut butter then maybe I won’t be spending it on so many splurges.
  • Do a different activity each day.  I seem to feel like exercise is a chore and I just am not interested.  So this week I am doing a different activity each day.  It doesn’t have to be crazy (although I’ve had some really good days of activity) but just something active.
  • Use my Axiom membership at least once a week.  I’m playing $20 a month so I might as well use it at least one day each week so my money is worth it.

So, how has it been going since Wednesday?  Really, really, well.  The scale is coming down (I weigh daily and log on the Happy Scale App) so that makes me feel good.  I know the weight will be fast at first but I must continue to stay motivated and focus on my goal of losing 10 pounds.  Wednesday I logged some good activity with a walk and mowing the lawn earning 7 APs.  On Thursday I met a friend for a last-minute hike.  We hiked for 2 hours and I earned 11 APs.  I had no intention of doing so much so soon but I am so glad it has worked out that way.  Yesterday I stuck to light activity since I was sore and walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes.  It was leisure but still active and I still met my goal.  I had plans to go to Axiom for a class Thursday and Friday but plans changed.  I’ll try to get in there today after I wake up.

My food has been really on track.  Friday was my first real day trying out SF since I had meals planned out on bothWednesday and Thursday so I counted points for both those days and sailed through it like a Rock Star.  It is hard to know how to do SF when eating out and since you can now flip/flop the days I did just that.  I’ll be back with more on how Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday have gone.

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Dawny said...

wow! so encouraging and motivating, seems your finding your way in this art of your life.!
I like the new activity thing, sounds appealing, the same old redundancy doesn't work out for those who bore easily.
I also like how you are able to 'roll' with the challenges life brings you in a positive way and not just throw caution to the wind and wait until 'tomorrow'

your doing great owning yourself, choices & decisions. Keep up the great work and positivity