Monday Fun-Day

Good Morning!  Happy Tuesday.

It was really weird getting to work at 6am today when two days ago I was getting off work at 6am.  I’m still trying to adjust my sleep so it was a bit rough last night.  Nothing a few shots of espresso can’t fix eh?

My Monday day off was a fun and busy day.  I stopped into the gym on Sunday to change over the credit card billing and saw they had a step class at 9:30am.  I rushed to get some breakfast in me and to the glass.  Holy cow it was packed!  With my back issues I am trying not to push it too much when it comes to classes so I did about 25 minutes of the class.  It was a heart rate booster (and a sweat booster) earning me 4 APs.  I was feeling a bit low on my APs this week but my total is coming in at 12.  I’m happy about that.

I met up with Janet for a bite to eat at Cracker Barrel before our first movie.  The Monday lunch special was baked chicken, cornbread dressing, and gravy.  I thought it was a chicken breast but it was a bone-in-chicken.  Still yummy but not sure I’d get it again.  The cornbread dressing is 8 PPVs and I usually only eat half.  I also got cooked carrots.  It was a pretty high PPV meal for very low volume.  I always hate that.  None the less, it was tasty.

Our first movie was Pitch Perfect 2.  I did like the sequel and there were many laugh out loud moments.  However, it has nothing on the original.  I really liked the first movie best.  Of the two movies we saw yesterday, this one was the better of the two.

We had about an hour to kill between movies and since we figured we might use some calories for popcorn why not go to On The Border and make our calories count!  We enjoyed some chips, salsa, queso, and black bean dip.  We may have also enjoyed an adult beverage as well.


I am not used to that much sugar and boy was it a splurge.

Our second movie of the day was Hot Pursuit.  I had high hopes for this movie but it fell flat.  You can’t win them all!

It was a very enjoyable day.  I love spending time with Janet.  I’ve not had that much of a food splurge since re-committing to WW three weeks ago.  It showed up on the scale today.  I am mindful of the trend vs the day-to-day WI and the scale will come back down.

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