Last Night Shift In The Books

Oh my goodness.  My last night of working graveyard shift went out with a bang.  We assisted Boise Police for an hour pursuing a suspect/vehicle all over Boise.  Thankfully he was taken into custody without incident.  It was an eventful night!  Once we got that all wrapped up there was still a lot of troopers in for a Saturday night.  I’m ready for bed!  Only about 30 minutes left in my shift.

Our lawn, which I am now calling The Amazon, needs mowed desperately.  We have had several days of rain and I had planned to mow the lawn yesterday when I woke up.  It was a no go when a storm rolled in just as I was going to head out and tend to it.  Darn it!  I’m hoping I can mow later today.  I’m not even sure if the mower will make it through both the front and the back on one battery charge.  We shall see.

I’m hoping I will ramp up some activity over my days off Sunday and Monday.  I didn’t feel like exercising today, despite having the time to do so since I wasn’t mowing the lawn.  I think I’m feeling a bit bored with my exercise routine again.  I might try and hook up with my friend Mark for a hike later today.  We will see.  Lawn mowing is on tap first!

Monday I have plans to meet up with a friend for a double feature movie and also dinner.  We are planning to see Pitch Perfect 2 and Hot Pursuit.  Fun!

Okay.  That is enough rambling for one blog post!

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