How To Make A Boca Burger Taste Good

The trick to a delicious tasting Boca burger is to season it up juuuuuust right!

When I started losing weight I sought out all the low PPV foods. That included meat substitutes like Boca and Morning Star. While I like something of each of the different name brands, I prefer the Boca name brand burger best. 

My favorite is the All American Flamed Grilled and while only 3 PPVs, it isn't considered a SF food on the SF plan. Only the original Boca Burger.

When I have eaten the All American burger in the past I decided I would spice it up (litterly) by getting some McCormick hamburger seasoning. I also added some Red Robin seasoning we had at home. The real key in what makes a Boca burger taste good is adding some liquid smoke too.

I always have liquid smoke on hand at home because I use it on pulled pork for my Hawaiian parties. It gives food a nice little kick of flavor. I also use it when I make mini meat loafs. I really like the deep flavor it adds. Even though I wasn't sure how I would like just the plan 'ol Boca burgers, since they are SF approved, I doctored it up just as I do my All American one and I like it just as much. I always serve my Boca burger in a lettuce bun with ketchup, spicy mustard, and pickles. Delicious!

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