Sticking To Plan A

Happy Friday!  I actually get to enjoy Friday along with you all since my new rotation includes weekends off.  Weeeeeeee…..

On Wednesday I had to revert to Plan B and I am super excited to report that yesterday at my Ladies Happy Hour get together, I stuck to Plan A!

My plan:
  • Only one drink
  • Order the hummus, pita, and veggies
  • Order the croquetas and share
  • NO dessert

I was 100% on track and the only thing I did to stray from my plan was eat two pieces of Lori’s chicken quesadilla.  Honestly, that was pretty good and I would consider getting that next time.  It was loaded with cheese and anything loaded with cheese is good.  The croquetas were amazing!!!  I wanted to order another round to “share” and eat them all myself.  But I didn’t.  I only had one and thankfully the rest were eaten by the group.

The hardest part was no dessert.  I wanted an iced coffee and knowing I was so close to Flying M coffee I had planned to stop by on my way home.  Jamie wanted to visit longer so we relocated to Flying M to chat and have coffee.  The dessert case is amazing there but I really wanted to stick to my plan.  I also knew I didn’t need to be spending PPVs on sweets.


I have the best group of girlfriends.  Natalie brought her friend Ashley and we instantly made a connection with her.  She will be added to the group immediately.  We had a nice size group last night.  The patio area at Cottonwood Grille was not fully shaded and it was HOT out.  Such a beautiful area though.  We had a really great time.

I guess I don't know where I should be looking when somebody is taking a photo.  Doh!

This morning in dispatch there are donuts.  I am not going to partake.  I don’t need to be spending the PPVs on donuts and I honestly don’t really like them.  They taste good but the fried aftertaste always gets me afterwards.  I’ll stick to my meal plan today.  I don’t know what is being served at the reunion planning meeting tonight.  It might be another PPV counting day.

I have my official WW WI tomorrow.  I am not sure yet how it will go.  Happy Scale is telling me my weight is stable/down in the last 7 days and that I am down for the last 30 days as well.  However, I do think I am up just a smidge from last week.  I feel a little scale anxiety in that I am not ready to see a gain.  However, I am happy how my week has gone so far despite having many meals out/off plan moments. 

I have plans for a hike this weekend to rev up the activity.

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