Plan B

Sometimes the best laid plans can change.  Good thing I’m flexible!  Honestly, if I didn’t have a plan to start with then I have already set myself up to fail.

I started my day off eating more towards SF than counting PPVs.  I knew there was a potluck meal planned for dinner and I had made a pasta salad to contribute thinking I would eat more of that and survey my other options.  My Mom was bringing chicken so I knew I could also have some chicken and stick to SF.  I got a text message after work that instead of meeting for Emma’s pre-school graduation that we would meet in a different park for Hailey’s birthday celebration.  I was still going to stick with my plan of pasta salad and chicken.  All that changed when I saw the birthday cake.


OMG!  I think I just died and went to version of heaven that involves happy mounds of sugar.

Needless to say, Plan B begun.  I had filled in my WW tracker earlier in the day with the foods I had eaten but hadn’t yet figured out the PPVs incase I did SF.  At the party I had some pasta salad, a breast of chicken, some baked beans, and some coleslaw.  Oh and a bit of cake.  I ended up using 13 WPPA (best guess on PPVs estimates).

The cake was really delicious.  It is the kind of cake that sneaks up on you though.  It was super moist and went down really easily.  Pretty soon though I realized it was just too much sugar.  I would have been satisfied with just half my slice.  None the less, it was an indulgence for sure.

I’ve got my Ladies Happy Hour planned after work today.  I am counting PPVs again today and I’ve planned a low PPV lunch.  I’ve looked at the drink menu and the happy hour food menu and also laid out a plan.  I even wrote in my WW tracker “One Drink And No Dessert”.  I’ve had a bit too much sugar the last few days so I need to scale back on that this week.

Have a great Thursday.

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