What Is A Person's "True Weight?"

What exactly is a person's “true weight?” It is when you step on the scale first thing in the morning after you have emptied your bladder? It is at then end of the day before you go to bed after having consumed your days worth of food? Have you ever weighed yourself, had a bowel movement, and then weighed yourself again? No? Or you just don't want to admit to it? I've tried all the tricks in the books to get the scale to move down...trust me!

I've been weighing myself daily since the middle of March. I choose to do my daily WI each morning, after I've peed, in my night gown. Overall it really doesn't matter when I do my daily WI just as long as it is consistent. I've been seeing the scale go down since I re-committed to WW and it feels so good. I finally registered my fist actual average loss and saw a green box instead of a red box. Green is good people!

I had a great loss at my WW meeting yesterday. I was down 2.6 pounds. The reason I bring up a person's “true weight” is because I wasn't sure if I would do my WI yesterday (usually Wednesday not Tuesday). This was for two reasons. 1) Kenyon and I had dinner Monday at Tucano's. I knew I might be up slightly due to sodium. 2) I had to pick Kenyon up from dropping his car at the repair shop and I really wanted to go to breakfast afterward. If you know any good Wwer you know they are crazy and NEVER eat or drink before getting on the scale!

As much as I really wanted to go out for breakfast I also really wanted to see my Tuesday AM WW meeting members. I knew that eating breakfast and drinking coffee might raise the number on the scale thus making my hard work this week look less successful. Less successful? I know my “true weight” and I know all week I have been losing weight. One breakfast consisting of one scrambled egg, two slices of bacon, one pancake, three cups of coffee, and two cups of water didn't have any actual effect on my efforts. All it did was have the potential to mask the happy feeling I would feel when I got on the scale and saw a large loss. Skipping breakfast, clearly was silly.

However, I am a crazy WWer and you better believe I weight myself at home BEFORE and AFTER we went to breakfast. Too bad I didn't also have a bowel movement after! I had “gained” 1.6 pounds after my very, very, very delicious breakfast.

It was wonderful to see my Tuesday am WW Peeps and I have so missed their loving support and energy. I really wish I could stay there with them, but alas, my work schedule doesn't allow me to get to that meeting time. I was also very happy with my loss this week and very happy with changing it up and trying SF last week.

Onto another week we go.

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