Wanting Something

Good Morning!!

Happy Memorial Day. I saw a really great sign as I was driving to The Village yesterday. “All give some and a few give all.” Thank you to those that serve our country past, present, and future.

Happy 11th Birthday to Hailey Bug. My niece is growing up so fast. We will celebrate her birthday later this week. That is one bummer to a birthday near a holiday.

I'm happy to be blogging in real time and IN THE DAYLIGHT today! I got some really good sleep last night and I am planing to hit up a 9:30am step class at the gym this morning. I have plans to meet up with a friend or two later.

My scale dropped quite a bit overnight so I am not sure this is my true weight. Sure is nice to see though. I was awake less hours so that could be part of it. My activity has been really low this week but my food has been in check.

Speaking of food, yesterday early evening after we had our lunch/dinner I was feeling like I wanted something. I wasn't sure what something was. Maybe sweet? I was going to get a Dutch Freeze when I stopped by Dutch Bros but wanted to wait and see if Kenyon was up for a movie at Overland Park Cinema. They have caramel corn so I thought maybe I'd save some PPVs for that. He wasn't up for a movie so that ended that. A short while later I still wanted something. Cheesecake Factory was open until 10pm so I suggested going for dinner. I love the Asian chicken lettuce wrap tacos. The WW Gods were looking out for me in that there was no brown bread in the bread basket. I love the brown bread (a little too much) so I skipped the bread in lieu of cheesecake.

After I had my tacos I was pleasantly content. I asked Kenyon if he thought he would eat any cheesecake if I got a piece and he didn't really want any. I really felt as though my "wanting something" craving had been satisfied and that I didn't really need cheesecake. Sure, if I had gotten a piece I would have enjoyed a few bites and brought the rest home. I just really felt content. I chewed on some gum while we waited for a very long time for our server and our check to get me over that hump of wanting dessert.

The craving for something sweet was still there so I checked out the ice cream section when we stopped at Albertson's on our way home. I got the Dreyer's NSA mint chocolate chip ice cream. In the past this has been really good. However, this time I felt as though the mint could have been stronger. The chocolate chips were still tasty. It at least served the sweets craving and I only had my one measured bowl.

I might have some dessert today when I am out to dinner. We shall see! I think we will do dinner between the two movies in hopes of deterring popcorn eating (and money spending).  

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