What I Ate Yesterday (Friday)

Welcome to (your) weekend!  I just started my work week.  I had wanted to check in with you all yesterday evening but we were super busy at work.  So I’m just now getting a blog post published.

I started my Friday using some “indulgence” points on a delicious breakfast.  I wanted to do Simply Filling today and knew my planned food was mostly SF.  What I really like about SF is that I don’t have to count the PPVs for everything I eat.  Even though my breakfast wasn’t SF and I would be using PPVs for it, I still wanted to do a SF day and just take those breakfast points from my WPPA bank.  Since I consider my pancake an indulgence, I didn’t have any other sweets yesterday.


Breakfast: leftover Denny’s whole wheat pancake (4 PPVs), 9 g peanut butter (1 PPV), drizzle of honey (0 PPV), apple sautéed in coconut oil (1 PPV) and 1 tsp brown sugar (0 PPV).  I drank my coffee black so I used 6 PPVs at breakfast.

After PT I stopped by The Human Bean again for an iced coffee with cream (1 PPV).

Lunch: chicken breast sautéed in olive oil, green beans, frozen peas and corn.

Dinner: pasta salad made with whole wheat pasta, pinto beans, red bell pepper, and Greek dressing (2 PPVs).

Late night/early morning snack at work: 6 oz FF Greek yogurt and strawberries.

Extra: Dutch Bros decaf Americano with cream (1 PPV).

I used a total of 10 WPPA today.  I earned 1 AP at PT, she had my sweating, and then did a 35 minute treadmill workout with incline and speed for another 3 APs. 

I am really liking SF and it appears to like me.  When I got on the scale at home I saw I dipped back into the 190s.  I am hoping to stay in the 190s but I am mindful the scale can jump all over the place.  I was really happy to see the Happy Scale app shows I’ve been stable for 30 days.  And, the numbers for 90 days and all time has also dropped.  At one point it had me at a gain of 4 pounds.  So I must keep the momentum going!

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