Last week was the one year mark of reaching my all-time high re-gain weight.  When you live in the Weight Watcher world, your life becomes sectioned off into parts usually referred to as before and after.  Well, I sort of have three parts and will soon have four parts.

Before: 304.8

After: 165

Re-gain: 253

Re-loss: ?

I have met many WW members, some of which are in my buddy circle, that have been on the WW journey many times.  They have been up and down the scale several times and have the t-shirt to prove it.  Although I was really confident I wouldn’t gain my weight back…here I set, one year later, among those that have been where I am now.  I guess you could call me a repeat offender.  I clearly didn’t learn all I was supposed to learn the first time.  When they say this is forever, they really mean this is forever.

The hardest part of going back up the scale is knowing you are letting all those bad habits that got you up the scale in the first place to resurface.  And, you feel as if you can’t stop it from happening.  It is almost like your life is running in slow motion similar to a dream where you can’t move.  You see yourself eating (insert trigger food here) and yet you can’t seem to make your hand move to slap it away from your face.

It is a vicious, vicious cycle.

One year ago I finally said “enough is enough” and I was ready to re-commit to my health and my WW program.  I toyed with the same ten pounds for many months until I made the jump and signed up with a personal trainer at the end of December.  Y’all know my motivation comes in waves, but I am committed to continuing to work on it. 

Here is my weight record from the WW app (the four column is the amount of weight I've gained since reaching my goal weight of 175):

Here are some Re-gain and Re-loss photos:


Here are some Before and Current photos:

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