Weekly WI: Downward Trend

I had a great WI on Tuesday.  Prior to going to my meeting, I was quite nervous since I felt like I was retaining water pretty badly.  Despite showing a loss when I woke up that afternoon, I was sure I would have a gain.  I ended up losing exactly 1 pound and continuing with my downward trend this month.  After having quite the up and down scale movement during May and June, it is nice to feel like I am back on track. 


Despite losing 25 pounds over the last almost seven months, I still have more to lose.  So, I’m going to keep working at it.  I have been doing well with my goal of better activity accountability this week.  My “week” is just really beginning through now that I am back at work.  So keeping myself motivated to reach my goal will be key.  I have no plans before work each day this week so that means I have no excuses!

Cheers to a great week.

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