Summer Fun

I had two very enjoyable days off and I’m hoping maybe I can sneak out of here early if staffing permits.  If not, I’m on a 10-hour OT shift.

On Tuesday, Pheoenix, her new boyfriend Stacey, her daughter Kiki, and Kenyon and I had a date nite at Flying Pie Pizza.  Each year in August (however they started it a few weeks early) they offer their super-hot/spicy habanero pepper pizza for all those enthusiasts that are crazy about burning off their taste buds.  I am not one of them so Kenyon and I had the Tuesday night gourmet pizza buffet.  It did not disappoint.  I had three slices of pizza and two trips through the salad bar along with one beer.  It was highly satisfying.

Yesterday, I proposed a meet-up with a few of my girlfriends downtown.  We started at the Sandbar in Garden City for a beer and some hummus and pita.  The location was right on the greenbelt/river and so pretty.  It was a bit hard to get to due to construction at the hotel (or so I am told) so I’m not sure we will go back but it was enjoyable.


Our second stop was the rooftop of The Oywhee for a drink, margarita for me.  The old hotel has been converted into private condos but I actually worked at the hotel in the banquets section back in college.  The rooftop had amazing views.  The actual rooftop bar atmosphere was underwhelming.


The final stop was at The Reef for some food.  I was starving!  My cousin Brian is a bartender at The Reef and he happened to be working.  It was good to see him.  I had the best tempura sweet and sour chicken.  I’m not sure if it was really that good or I was just that hungry.  But, it was good!  I actually thought I would only eat half but that though went out the window as soon as I started in on my entrée.  It was served with ride and gorgonzola slaw.  I would love to go back for dinner again sometime.  The Reef has a rooftop as well (shaded so that was a plus) and also had live music.

It was a super fun evening out and it makes me sad summer is fleeting.  I normally love Fall but I find myself not ready to let go of the summer months, patio seating, and beer with friends.  Ahhhhh….summer.

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