Hate & Discontent

I seem to be filled with some hate and discontent tonight, which has me in a bit of a bummer mood.

I met a friend for coffee before work.  I’ve known him for many years.  Talking politics should always be a no-no when family and friends are concerned.  But, it came up in conversation.  He ended by describing me as ignorant and that I just like to have fun all the time.  And because I am fun, it’s the only reason to spend time with me.  Ouch.  That stung just a bit.  I guess I’ll need to take my fun self elsewhere!

The storm cloud seemed to settle in about that time. 

I got to work and found an email from my supervisor asking for suggestions on making the time off/vacation approval more smooth.  I’m not sure where this came about but we have for sure been working a lot of overtime.  We keep telling ourselves that once we get trainees out, it will be better.  Yet, it always seems like somebody is taking time off.  I love my vacations and I don’t want to lose those on top of already feeling like our days off aren’t a guarantee.  I hope they will take the suggestions given by all seriously and see if they can come with some sort of conclusion that will still allow us to have our vacation.

This only seemed to add some strength to the storm cloud.  In a day or two, I suspect it will pass overhead and the sunshine in my disposition will return.

I debated if I should even blog today but I feel like I need to at least get all this off my mind so I can let it all go.

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