Waiting For The Weekend

I am counting down to my weekend!  I’ve got one 12-hour shift today and one 10-hour shift tomorrow to go.  Come on weekend, I’m waiting for you…


I am anxiously awaiting my three-day weekend coming up.  I wished I had been able to add a few more days to that stretch but other coworkers beat me to it.  So, I’ve at least got three days off with Kenyon.  We are planning some low key things and hopefully a date nite or two.

I am also anxiously awaiting my WI tomorrow.  I think I’m on track for a nice size loss and I feel like I’ve worked hard for it.  I do find my motivation starts to dwindle later in the week.  I decided to humor Kenyon and get on the scale when I got home from work this morning.  Kenyon always tells me when you weigh yourself first thing upon waking up that it is your “dehydrated weight” and not your actual true weight.  Well, that is my favorite time to do my WI at home because I’ve not consumed any food or drink so it is typically my lowest weight (of course the scale does lie so you never know).

Anyway, we have a scale that also shows your body fat percentage and mine is always in the 49%-50% range and doesn’t really ever change.  Kenyon keeps telling me it is because I’m dehydrated.  So, while the scale might go up as you drink more, the body fat percentage will go down.  I wanted to prove him wrong but instead, he is right.  Fine…I’ll allow it this time!

My weight was up 1.3 pounds from last Monday but my body fat percentage dropped 2%.  I’ve never been in the 47% for my body fat since we got this scale.  It was interesting to see for sure.  This morning, my weight was down over 2 pounds and my body fat percentage was back up 2%.  Hydration does make a difference for sure.  Kenyon care more about body fat percentage and I care more about weight.  But that is because I live in the WW World and that is just how we gauge success.  It is always a good reminder that the scale isn’t the end-all-be-all either.

I’ll report in on my weekly WI tomorrow evening and then I think I’ll take my three day weekend off from blogging.

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