Muscle Milk Vs. Premier Protein

At my last WW meeting, the topic of Muscle Milk and Premier Protein drinks came up.  One of the members drinks a Muscle Milk to help curb her Ben & Jerry’s habit (remind you of anybody you know??) in the evenings when she is craving a sweet treat.  I have tried Premier Protein once and didn’t like it as well as it sort of made my stomach ache after.  I thought I might give it another go since I know they are chalked full of protein.
When Kenyon and I went to Walmart to pick up some groceries earlier in the week, I thought I’d try out the Muscle Milk.  Then, I came up with the idea to do a taste test so I also got the Premier Protein, both in the chocolate variety.

I really liked the Muscle Milk.  It was a little bit grainy but tasted super chocolatey.  It almost reminded me of pudding that hasn’t set up yet, sort of like when you lick the spoon.  The Premier Protein just isn’t that good taste-wise to me.  I don’t know what it is, but I feel like there is an odd after taste.  I don’t really like the Premier Protein bars either so perhaps it is the type of protein that is in them?  That is actually what prompted the taste test.  Kenyon suggested looking at the ingredients and since they seem to have different protein (whey in the Premier Protein and some sort of milk protein in the Muscle Milk) made me want to try them side-by-side and see if I had any stomach issues too.
So far, so good.  I like drinking the Muscle Milk alone, however, I really like it in my coffee!  I made myself an almond joy iced coffee with the chocolate Muscle Milk and coconut creamer.

I stopped by the store to return the Premier Protein and bought some vanilla and strawberry in the Muscle Milk.  I really like the vanilla.  I also got some caramel coffee creamer and used a vanilla Muscle Milk in my iced coffee today.

I don’t care for the caramel creamer I got but the Muscle Milk is yummy.  Walmart has a 4-pack for a little over $5.00.  I’m not sure how much of a regular I’ll be with buying the Muscle Milk but for now, I really do like the sweetness of the drink.  I’m going to check Costco to see if they sell any at a better price.  I’m using half of the drink in one ice coffee so that stretches the cost as well.
I’ve gotten a lot of comments on people that like one or the other (or none!). 

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