Playing Catch-Up After My Weekend

I had split days off this last week but none-the-less, they were good.  Both Tuesday and Thursday were pretty low key.  On Tuesday, Kenyon had back-to-back meetings at Micron so I went out to visit with my parents and wish them a happy belated anniversary.  We met back up at home and went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse using a gift card that was burning a hole in my pocket.  We were pretty laid back that evening and into the wee hours on Wednesday morning.  We were able to get our trip planning done and on Wednesday afternoon, I got our excursions booked.  So that was exciting and fun.

Thursday I had to be at work for the director’s meeting (we have just had a recent change in command staff) and then I worked on the RCC Recruitment Video afterwards.  I went to the mall to spend my $10 coupon at JC Penny and then walk the mall before going to see the movie Gifted at the cheap theater.  It is $5 for a movie and snacks at Overland Park cinema and they have the best caramel corn.  I ended up double fisting it with both regular and caramel corn.  And, I had the whole theater to myself.


The movie was excellent.  If you have not seen Gifted, I highly recommend it and make sure you have some tissues.  It gets pretty heartfelt near the end.

I met Kenyon for dinner at Shari’s after the movie and then hit up Winco on my way home.  My Starbucks unsweetened coffee bottles were on sale for $1.18.  Sweet!  I need to exchange some Muscle Milk I didn’t like for the kind I do, and then I am back in business for my new yummy ice coffee flavor.

I started out tracking my day yesterday but it sort of dropped off after I had my popcorn.  I decided I wanted to enjoy a yummy burger and fries at Shari’s and not freight the points.  Of course, that turned into also picking up a pint of Ben & Jerry’s at the store.  Have you tried the new Urban Bourbon?  I am addicted!


I took a photo of my tractor to share on the WW FB group page.  We are working on tracking/points accountability this week.  I ended up just adding a smiley face in lieu of points values on the remainder of my day.  I enjoyed all I ate, despite it being high in points.


Onward I go and today I am back on track!

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