Weekly WI: Down A Small Amount

It's 3am and I should be sleeping...

I'm headed to Coeur d' Alene for our dispatch recruitment video filming. I ended up staying up all day yesterday (slight snooze on the couch around 7pm) and going to bed around 11am. I am sort of switchign to a psudo dayshift just for today. Then, it is back to the nightshift. My body isn't sure what day of the week it is or really what time it is. Ah...the joys of shift work.

I attended my Tueday AM meeting yestarday and had a small loss at the scale. My home scale had me down a pound but the WW scale had me down 0.2 pounds. It was good week of tracking, despite splurges on beer, so I'll take the win. 

I had a tough workout with my trainer yesterday as he surprised me with the “card game”. I ended up completing the deck of cards in 31 minutes. My last time was completed in 24 minutes. I'm a bit out of shape.

I'm working on trying to re-focus my activity this week along with keeping the food in check.

I'll check in as soon as I can. Happy Wedneday.

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