Happy Birthday America!!!

Happy 4th of July!!!

I have so many fond memories as a kid celebrating America’s Birthday.  The weekend closest to the holiday was spent at our cabin in Silver City.  We would have sourdough pancakes in the morning and then participate in the kid’s games downtown.  The games included a three-legged race, stick horse race, stick and hoop race, and sack race.  Then, they would break open several bales of hay and throw in money and candy so the kids could search for goodies.  We would make sure that we went straight to the old historic hotel to spend our money on more candy.  Oh boy, those were the days.  Why are kids so eager to grow up?  Knowing what I know now, I wish I could have stayed a kid forever.

On the actual holiday, we would go to Grandma A’s house in Melba early enough so we could snag our spots in front of her house for the annual parade.  It is no surprise, we got even more candy.  We would spend all day hanging around Melba and by night fall, we would settle in to watch the fireworks display, always one of the largest in the valley.  My Dad helped set off the fireworks so they have always held a special place in my heart.  Once we sold Grandma’s house, we didn’t go out to Melba anymore since we didn’t have the place to conger and relax.

Kenyon and I both have the night off, which is rare in my job.  I am looking forward to spending the evening with him taking in some of the local fireworks.  We have also been invited to a block party in our neighborhood, which I think will be annually.  I’m super stoked about that.  Currently we have plans to have dinner at Tucanos as they are having a cheap dinner price for the holiday.  Then we will come back home for the block party and maybe take in some fireworks elsewhere.  We will see where the night takes us.

Enjoy your holiday!

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