Meal Randomness

I actually cooked a few meals last week!  I know…I am as shocked as you are.  But, meal planning and preparing helped me stay on track.  So, this is the plan this week too.  I’m working really hard on my spending and I’ve got two weeks left on my credit card billing cycle.  I’ll be piecing meals together from what we have at home.  Planning ahead will be key.

Here are some random foods:

Kenyon bought some Tillamook smoke provolone at Rosauers and I was surprised to see one slice is just 2 SPV.  It seems cheese was one of the foods that hiked up in points after the new program rolled out.  I made myself an omelet with chicken breakfast sausage, one egg and two egg whites, and a slice of cheese.

I had some lean ground turkey in the freezer so I made half into mini meatloafs wrapped in bacon.  I liked this addition to flavor but I did have to add some extra BBQ sauce as well.

And the other half into stuffed peppers.  I served my peppers with olives and sour cream.  They were very good!

I finally tried the new Starbucks Cold Brew Nitro.  My coworker was talking about it weeks ago and I had planned to use my free star rewards on a drink but the darn pump has been broken ever since.  I swung by on Monday before my WW meeting and low and behold, it was available.  Verdict?  I didn’t love it.  Which is a good thing since it is more money and a smaller size than my usual Americano.  It was just too strong.  Plus, they don’t put it over ice since it is on nitro….but you have to chug it before it goes cold.  Not my thing.  I’ll stick to my Americanos.

And while I don’t have a photo, I also cooked up a pork roast which provided many meals.  It was a nice break from my usual baked or sautéed chicken breast.

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