Friday Night Jamberry & Dueling Pianos

Oh my gosh!  I had so much fun on Friday.  It was a really great stress reliever.  I am hopeful July will be a better month as I’ve got some two-day weekends.  Boy am I ready.

I started by Friday with a quick 30-minute training session with Tyson.  He told me the circuit we did will help me burn calories the rest of the day.  Hallelujah because I had plans for drinking later in the evening.  (By the way, I am super sore today so it was a good workout). I did a quick shower and change and headed to my Jamberry consultant Jenny’s home.  My sister Jenny, friend Ashleigh, and I had a sit-down meeting about possibly joining the Jamberry team.  I am still on the fence but it was great to learn more about this amazing company. 

Then, we did our 4th of July Jam-cures.  They turned out so cute!

We wrapped up the Jamberry fun early because I had plans with Phoenix to hit up downtown Boise.  We invited Danielle along.  We started at this new restaurant called Euerka! which was really good.  Danielle ordered the mac n’ cheese ball appetizer (tasted) and Phoenix ordered some sweet potato fries (also tasted).  I ordered a Cowboy burger with BBQ sauce, bacon, and onion straws that was served with shoestring fries.  We all split the burger so we could have a bit of everything.  We liked it all, especially the sweet potato fires.  We also had a beer, which they have many on tap to choose from and a lot of craft beers.  We will be back for sure.  I loved their dessert menu…more beer!


After dinner we walked to The Brickyard to check out the dueling pianos.  I’ve only been inside once, and it was packed.  Last night we got lucky and that there was plenty of seating.  At first when we arrived, we weren’t sure we would stay long.  I missed the outside patio seating and the music and atmosphere was quite slow.  Soon, the music picked up and so we decided to stay and have a beer.  Then, it got crazy fun!  We were singing and swaying to the music.  We had met a couple sitting by us that requested a rap song “Back Dat Ass Up” which I wasn’t familiar with.  I joked asking if they had planned to dance to it since they had danced to a slow song earlier.  So, he invited us to dance with them.  How do you “back dat ass up”?  Well, we just shook our booties in a circle on the dance floor.  That pretty much got the party started.  Several others joined in and we had a great time the remainder of the evening.


Dancing is good for activity goals

We called it quits at midnight and headed home.  It was nice to relax and watch some of my stress melt away.

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