10 Years Ago, My Life Changed For The Better

Ten years ago, on this date, my sister Katie had an early birthday party and invited her coworker Kenyon so I could meet him.  Even though I really didn’t want to date and wasn’t really wanted to meet anybody, fate stepped in and said otherwise.  Now, I can’t even imagine life without Kenyon in it.

It is so clich√© to say “it happens when it is meant to happen” but I honestly believe it.  And, I think it also happens when a person is fully ready to accept all that comes with a healthy, solid, and committed relationship.  We can all pretend we are ready to settle down, but fate really knows when you are ready.

Each patch we take is a journey we are meant to be on.  We may not know why we are on this journey, but there is a reason.  So give it some trust and keep working on being the best person you can be.  Then, you might find that special someone is waiting there for you on the other side….right when the time is right.

I’m going to share some of my favorite Catana Comics which really speak to me.  I love this artist and how much I resonates with how much Catana loves her boyfriend.  I often screen print them and send them over to Kenyon.

Our official 10-year wedding anniversary is in March.  I’m looking forward to celebrating when we go on our Europe River Cruise in late 2018.

Love You Kenyon.  xoxoxoxo

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