Weekly WI: A Pass At The Scale

I skipped my WI in lieu of attending my meeting.  As of yesterday, the scale at home was showing a maintain.  Then, I binged on pizza (after drinking two patio beers with my neighbor Trini) so…skipping the scale today was the best idea.  I just couldn’t mentally comprehend a 2 pound gain today all because of a weak food moment.

I don’t think I self-sabotage but lately when I get close to a milestone (the many times I almost made it into the 220s) and then don’t meet that milestone (the one pound I needed to lose this week to hit my 25 pound start).  Maybe I do.  I feel that up until Friday evening, my food was on track…and my tracker was completed accurately.  Friday and Saturday I indulged in some Ben & Jerry’s and Saturday was my Hawaiian Party with food/drinks indulgence. 

Today I am feeling frumpy, fat, bloated, and pretty much down in the dumps.  I’m low on energy and motivation.  Why can’t weight loss be easy?  Weight gain sure is!  I am also super bored with my meal plan and I know that contributes to my lack of motivation.

I was able to buy in some groceries after my WW meeting and then headed to my personal training session.  I learned that Tyson will have to move to a new gym so the fate of training is up in the air.  Poor guy was pretty stressed out today.  I was super low on motivation/tired so we made quite the pair today.  That didn’t keep him from killing my arms during our workout today.  It was downright painful taking my sports bra off when it was time to get ready for work.  I guess that means it working?  Ha.

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