Norwex EnviroCloth & WindowCloth

Are you familiar with Norwex?  It is a company that sells eco-friendly cleaning products and I’m hosted a party on Sunday and it was a huge success.  It was so much fun learning more and getting my house cleaned by somebody else.

When I went to my last Jamberry get-together, my consultant was telling me about her Norwex cloth and how it had cleaned her house (and windows) before we arrived.  I had heard the ladies talk about Norwex at other get-togethers but I never really looked into it further.  It’s not like I really need to be spending more money on home-party gigs.  But…

After seeing a demo on the EnviroCloth and WindowCloth in action, along with hearing the buzz words: good for stainless steel, granite counter tops, and gas stoves, I was hooked.  I ordered my cloth set and have been using it for a few weeks now.  I love how my kitchen shines!  Here are some before/after photos.


First clean with your wet EnviroCloth

Then dry with your WindoCloth

Look at that shine!

Ooohhhh Sooooo Shiny

What I love most about my EnviroCloth is that I can use it all week before washing it and there is no smell!  Due to something called BacLock, it also doesn’t transfer bacteria.  All you have to do is rinse the cloth well and hang it to dry by its’ tag.  I hate stinky kitchen wash clothes that you can only use one.  So this was a huge plus in my book. 

Oh, and did I tell you I clean my whole kitchen (and bathroom) with the EnviroCloth and water.  Nothing else!  I love it.  They sell a four-pack travel size and I’m also interested in some of their kitchen towels.  I can't wait until my other products arrive so I can keep the clean going.

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