Checking In On Tuesday

Happy Tuesday to you all.  It’s only day two at work but I have my sights set on days off this week.

After my excessive eating on Sunday, the scale at home was quite ugly when I checked in yesterday.  Thankfully, it has come back down today.  I am super swamped this week so I can’t attend a meeting until Thursday.  I definitely suffered from “I don’t WI until Thursday, I can eat this high point food…” one more than one occasion last week.  I also didn’t do well keeping up with my goal of 100% tracking either.

My motto for this week is: One Day.  One Meal.

I want to stay focused on just one meal and making the next one just as good as the last and/or getting back on track ASAP.  I’ll admit, I am happy my days off are changing to Tuesday-Thursday as this will mean I’ll be doing my WI on Mondays and then having my days off following WI.  Right now, I seem to eat in excesses before WI, which is hurting me.

My motivation is still not very strong and I’ve not done really well with meal planning this week.  My crockpot has been on the fritz but seemed to be working so I started a pork roast only to find it quit on me sometime during my sleep-time.  Ugh.  So, I’m having stand-by chicken today and will put another roast in tomorrow (I bought a two-pack).  I’m also planning stuffed peppers and meatloaf for this week.

I’ll check back in after my official WI.  I am feeling motivated in getting under 200 pounds.  I just know that it will take time so it has been hard to stay focused.

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