Weekly WI: 25 Pounds Of Re-Gain Is Gone

I’m doing the happy dance today…


Since I had to attend a meeting out of the norm, I wasn’t sure if I’d get a (another) 25 pound charm but thankfully the leader Susan knew me and asked if I wanted one.  Um, heck ya!  I like seeing my hard work pay off.  However, it looks like I need to start using my other WW charm holder since my original one is getting pretty full.


I lost exactly one pound which is all I needed to earn my 25 pound charm.  It sure felt good.  I know I need to continue to stay re-focused and work really hard to stay positive.  I shared a little in my meeting about how I feel a bit unmotivated lately.  I got some great ideas from my fellow meeting members.  That is why I love the meetings so much.

I think I’m just tired and feeling burnt out at work and thus letting that take over some of my headspace since there are very little days off.  I’m hopefully for some reprieve in July.

I met up with Tyson today at his new, possibly temporary, gym.  It is different than when he trained out of Planet Fitness but still has some good equipment.  He is thinking he will continue to research various gyms over the next month.  I’m going to stick it out with him and see where he ends up.  It is so tempting to quit my sessions because it feels so hard sometimes.  The arm workout today felt brutal.  In reality I am huge weenie.

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