How You Feel Matters

I want it to go on record that I didn’t lie to you. 

I was able to fit into a size 16W when I went shopping but as it turns out, they are just not as comfortable at the 18W.  Once I had them on a little longer than just in the dressing room, I was instantly super-aware of the over-hang (aka muffin top) that I had with the size 16W but not the 18W.  There is nothing that bugs me more than the darn muffin top.  It was almost like I couldn’t even focus on anything else because I was so uncomfortable.  Thankfully, Phoenix was over for a patio beer and helped me decide that it wasn’t worth the vanity of a 16W if I wasn’t going to comfortable.  And she is right.  The white capris I wore with my Flo costume on Sunday were a size 18W (they didn’t have a 16W at either store) and I was really comfortable. 


It has taken me a long time to find positive appreciation for my body.  Going from plus size to regular size with extra skin back to plus size hasn’t been easy.  And buying a new wardrobe isn’t cheap!  I almost talked myself into keeping the size 16W because I am really trying to work hard to get smaller.  The only problem is that until the 16W fits more comfortably, it makes me feel bad about myself.  And, I’m not working this hard to feel bad about myself!


So for at least this summer, I’ll be wearing my size 18W carpis and feeling good about myself.


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