Weekly WI: 220s!!!

Having to delay my WI a day due to a flat tire turned out to be for my advantage.  I got on the scale first thing this morning and saw it had come back down from my large intake of food the days prior.  And...I was pretty sure I'd see 229, or at least I sure hoped so.  AND I DID!  I was 229.0 and down a pound from my WI last week.  I got a nice message on my WW app when I entered my weight.

Yeeeehaaaw!  My goal this week is to lose at least one pound so I can claim my 25 pound star.  It has taken me too long since earning my 20 pound star that I am well past due. 

The months of April and May were not real great on the weight loss front, however, I am still less now than I was in April so that is all that counts.  I took screen shots of my weigh-in chart on the WW app.  The last three months sure does look like a roller coaster.

3 Months

6 months

But, from last year, I am showing a downward trend.  I was last in the 220s in April 2016 so again, I'm making great progress.

1 year

I have also re-claimed my 75 pounds lost from my original starting weight.  I really want to be back under 200 but with time, it will come.  I just have to keep working hard at it and stay focused on my weight loss goals.

We started our new charm challenge.  It is funny because the challenge goes for 13-weeks, which is exactly how long we have until our next vacation.  I thought the sticker said "celebrate" so I wrote "220s" because that is what I was celebrating.

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