Finally Friday

I am so ready for the weekend! I just have to get through my last 10-hour shift this week. It has been a very long two weeks and I'm looking forward to the next two days off.

I got my hair cut on Wednesday. After tying to grow my hair longer, it was mostly cut off. I do like the new style and for once I actually got what I was asking for all those years I left feeling like I didn't get a good hair cut. Of course, this is my new gal, which I was going to give her one more chance to try and “please” me. I like how she cut the sides and I like how the cut is much easier to style. The longer lengths left me feeling like my hair didn't look good. So, I think short hair just suits me. However, I got my Flo from Progressive costume in the mail for the costume wedding we are headed to on Sunday. I took a photo of me wearing the wig and sent it to Kenyon.

Kenyon has never seen me with long hair. He says he thinks he prefers short hair, so that was a relief. Even if I grew my hair out (and getting through that grow-out awkward stage is tough) this is not the hair style I'd choose. But, it is fun to see what you would look like in another life. The wig is pretty itchy so I'm not sure I'll wear it on Sunday. Don't worry though, I'll put it on long enough to get some photos...don't you worry.

Well, I seem to be rambling here. It's been a good week for my food/meal planning and I've been using microwave meals to get me by for one of my meals at work. It feels good being on track and I'm hopeful for seeing the 220s on Tuesday. I see there is a new WW charm challenge that if you attend 11 of 13 weeks, you get a charm. Yippie.

Happy Friday!

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