Weekend Fun: Relaxing And A Costume Wedding

The weekend went waaaaaay too fast.  Can I have a re-do?  An extension?  No, okay I guess I’ll start my work week.  (sigh)

I did have a great weekend but two days off was just not enough.  Saturday was spent running errands and time with Kenyon.  Phoenix and her kiddos came over in the early evening so she and I could enjoy a patio beer and some girl talk.  Kenyon and I lounged in the evening and went to bed early since we had to be awake early on Sunday for a wedding (and by early, I mean noon).

We woke up Sunday with plenty of time to get to the wedding, which was located in a super-secret location a little over an hour from our house.  After we ate some breakfast and loaded up, we seemed to be running short on time.  Then, I remembered our chairs….at home.  So, we had to turn back around to get the chairs thus making us a bit later than intended.  Thankfully, weddings don’t usually start on time so we didn’t miss the ceremony.

The wedding we attended was for Kenyon’s coworkers (who I am also now friends with) and was a costume wedding.  I learned the reason for this was because the groom felt if he was going to be something he wasn’t in getting all dressed up in a tux, that they might as well have fun with it.  His bride is pretty laid back so the decision was to have guests also wear costumes.  It turned out really fun.


The ceremony was short but heartfelt and the groom had some very thoughtful vows for his bride.  The officiant even shed some tears.  Sadly, the groom’s horse got in the way of the ring exchange, but still a nice ceremony.


After the ceremony, we sat around and visited while we ate food from Popeye’s and cakepops made by a friend of the bride.  The groom is a beer consour so the keg was actually a dark beer, quite surprising since most kegs are Bud Light or Coors Light.  I enjoyed several adult beverages and due to it being quite foamy, it ended up only be about a half a glass each time.  So I was able to pace myself.


I considered pitching a tent and spending the night, but I knew we didn’t have time for that.  Plus, as we were coming home a nasty storm rolled in so we left at just the right time.

I took a quick nap to get passed by alcohol buzzed state and then Kenyon and I went to dinner at Carino’s.  We lounged around that evening and went to bed early again. 

This afternoon before work I had a funeral/celebration of life to attend for a classmate who lost his father.  It is always a reminder to hug your loved ones extra tight each and every day. 

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