Ready For The Weekend

My trainer and I had an arm day on Tuesday and a leg day on Thursday.  I am feeling the leg day and am super sore.  I did a quick 20 minute WATP shake out workout so I could at least get some blood pumping.  I’m still struggling with not feeling the activity.
Good news though, my food is on track this week!  And, I ran out of time today to stop by Panda Express on my way to work so I am eating my pre-planned meals/frozen dinner instead.  That will help with extra points I can spent tomorrow during my annual Hawaiian Party.  I picked up all the supplies to make the yummiest Mai Thai drinks.  Yummmm-o!
I just have to get through the rest of my 10-hour work shift.

My trainer asked me on Thursday if I knew how much weight I had lifted when I did my leg press.  I saw it was a 45 pound weight and he said last week I lifted 50 pounds and this week 90 pounds.  I could definitely feel the difference and my legs were like jell-o after my workout.  I can still get down on myself with how week I am but I am working at getting stronger.
Have a good weekend.

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