Working On Positivity And Motivation

I have two more days to go this week and then I get my (sadly) only day off.  This has been a long week and I’m looking forward to a break.  It is going to be a busy day off though spending time with Kenyon and my friends.  We have a Hawaiian Luau to attend along with a BBQ that my realtor team is putting on.  Bring on the summer fun!

I had my personal training session before I came to work.  Today was leg day.  I’ll tell ya, days like today make me really re-think this whole personal training idea.  IT IS HARD.  I know he has to push me out of my comfort zone but I just flat out don’t like it.  It is really hard for me to mentally keep going when I just wish he would lower the weight amount.  The good news is I lived through it to be able to write this blog post.  So, I guess he does know what he is doing.

I’ve got one more week and then we can take more measurements.  I’m really struggling with my healthy living motivation so I have no idea if there will be inches lost.  I was reflecting on my weight loss and how slow it feels.  I have an old WW friend that has re-motivated herself to get healthy again and has lost 25 pounds over the last two months.  I’ve lost almost 25 pounds over the last six months.  She has more to lose than I do but it is still really easy to get down on myself.  I was giving myself a pep-talk to remind myself that I am DOWN almost 25 pounds and that is what matters…not how long it has taken me.

I’ll keep working on my positive attitude and my motivation.

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