Sharing Blog Posts From My Weight Loss Journey: I Look Normal

I’m sharing old blog post from my weight loss journey when I blogged on another site:

June 23, 2010

I Look Normal

I don’t look good or bad but just normal. I saw that written on a blog I read once. I think it is a good reminder for me. I can get pretty down sometimes when my pants are tight and/or the scale is up (or both…no wonder my pants are tight!) I do not weigh 166 like I did before Christmas. I also do not weigh 304 like I did before I joined WW. 

When a WW member gets to goal, all the leaders always discourage you in going too low below your goal. WW sets the “lifetime status” restrictions so that a person says between 2 pounds above or below their goal. That is actual quite reasonable. I knew being 10 pounds below my goal wasn’t the best. Now that those 10 pounds have found their way back to me, my pants are uncomfortable and my muffin top feels HUGE. 

What is most frustrating is that my nutrition has not changed. I am not eating Twinkies and HoHos or going to the fast food joints for double cheese burgers with bacon and mayo. I am still eating my fruits, veggies, and lean protein. I still get in my water and eat my whole grain carbohydrates. It really does drive me crazy! The unknown right now could be my thyroid medication. I am on a new dose and seeing a new specialist so that is the best I can do right now. 

I am also getting ready to change shifts at work. I like being on night shift. I enjoy getting up in the afternoon and getting my exercise in. The sun is shining and it makes going out for exercise that much more fun. I am planning to take classes at the Y again. Try to focus on something other than my pants not fitting anymore. 

Losing weight is only the first part of the battle. The second part is keeping the weight off. Only, keeping the weight off takes longer then losing the weight (or for me it did). I’ve known others to struggle at the scale. I’ve tried to help understand what they are feeling but never really knew how stressful it is to be that close to the “high end” of your goal and possibly having to pay to attend meetings again. 

I am not beating myself up too much. I am down about 2 pounds or so from our cruise. I just have to stay mindful of what I’m eating, keep tracking, and make good food decisions. I also need to up my exercise just to ward off being sluggish a lot. My body is strong. It doesn’t matter the number on the scale.

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