Annual Hawaiian Party

We had a wonderful Hawaiian Party yesterday.  I only ended up taking one photo…


This was Emma is her Hawaiian attire which I snapped before the party started.  It must be a sign of a great party if you are having so much fun you don’t take any photos!  I guess I’ll just have to use my memories. 

The weather was causing me some anxiety prior to my guest arriving.  A large rainstorm came through around noon and our temps were quite chilly along with some wind.  My hope was for an inside/outside party in where we could use the covered patio and have the windows open.  By the time 4pm rolled around, the sun was out, the temp came up, and the wind died down.  So…it was perfect for an inside/outside party, the first in our new home.

I made my usual pulled pork and jasmine rice and Mom brought the pineapple coleslaw.  I also had some watermelon, strawberries, and pineapple.  My sister Jenny brought cookies and cream cupcakes, my niece Hailey made lemon cupcakes, my friend Danielle brought some coconut lime banana bread, and my Mom brought a rhubarb cobbler.  I served Mai Thais, tea, and lemonade, and Phoenix brought stuff for an alcoholic beverage called a Mermaid Lemonade. 

Friends and family came out for some good food, visiting, and laughter.  It was a really great Saturday afternoon.

My niece Emma stayed the night along with Phoenix’s daughter Kiki.  Boy did those two have fun.  We took the girls to Texas Roadhouse for a late dinner and then played the game Clue.  They mostly entertained themselves on their tablets and we didn’t hear a peep out of them.  It was a very late night though so they ended up sleeping in until 10am!  That works since Kenyon and I are on night shift.

I don’t want the weekend to end…but alas…I’m on overtime today.

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