My Day Did Not Go As Planned

My day did not start out as planned.

In order to attend my Tuesday AM meeting, it means I only get about 6-6.5 hours of sleep.  So I’m usually not in the best of mood when I wake up.  Today, the scale was also not friendly to me.  My off-plan eating the last few days has caught up to me and I had a very ugly gain as I prepared to go to my WW meeting.  A new 13-week charm challenge started and had that not been the case, I would have skipped my meeting all together.  I just didn’t want to face the gain.

Anyway, I got dressed and headed out.  It didn’t take me long to realize I had an issue with my tire and of course, it was flat.  Ugh!  I was just down the road from the house so I pulled over and changed it myself.  Had I not been able to get the lug nuts off, I would have had to either wake Kenyon or call roadside.  But, I was able to muscle it and get the tire changed in about 40 minutes.

I knew I wasn’t going to my WW meeting since I had to head to Discount Tire instead.  I grabbed my Starbucks and headed that way…I needed coffee ASAP!


The tire couldn’t be repaired so I had to pay $87 for a new tire.  At least it was just one tire and not a full set!  My tires are about half way through their wear so I’ll be needing tires sometime in the future.  At least I can buy myself some time.

My eating last week was pretty good up until Friday.  Then, I went on a cereal binge.  This cereal is DELICIOUS!  So delicious in fact that the box says it has 12 servings but I found it only had four servings.  After all, that is the amount of bowls it took to finish off the box in two days.  Seriously good cereal and another reason why it doesn’t come into the house on a regular basis.


I used my extra time from waking up early to meal prep and hit up the grocery store.  I desperately wanted a nap and wasn’t in the mood for exercise but I had planned my training day today instead of Monday due to the funeral service/celebration of like I attended yesterday.  I was still in a bad mood and tired when I headed to the gym but after a good workout, I felt better.  My current mood has improved but I am still tired.  It is going to be a long night at work.

I’ll hit up the WW meeting at 12:15pm in Meridian tomorrow.  I still need to get in that meeting towards my 13-week charm challenge!

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