Weekly Wi: A Small Gain

Thankfully, a coworker came through on working the extra 2-hour shift that needed covered tonight so I was glad I could attend my WW meeting. 
It isn't a meeting I would go to often because traffic getting there was a nightmare.  But, it was a good meeting.  The leader was a sub for the sub and I've never met her, although she might have looked familiar.  Her name is Tammy and she was a 30-year veteran of the armed forces.  She started out by sharing she was nervous to come lead a meeting with a group of people she had never met.  Then, she realized that in her military career that she moved all over the country meeting new people but was never nervous because they all shared a common bond...the military.  She paralleled that with WW in that while she doesn't know any of us, we all share a common bond and an understanding amongst ourselves.  I thought that was a really great way to look at it and I was glad she shared.  I also didn't care for the meeting member dynamic so I think I'll stick my usual Monday night meeting.  I just wasn't able to attend early this week due to work.

My weight was up 0.4 from last week and since it is a short time between Thursday and Monday (my next WI), I'll focus on just getting that 0.4 pounds off.  Since I have plans on Friday and I'm sure Kenyon and I will eat out on Saturday, we shall see how it goes.  I’m already trying to get a plan in place and try to peep-talk myself through the next few days.

I really do miss those large losses and I want to see them again!  I just need to push myself harder and be stricter with myself when it comes to the extras that prevent that and my inner temper tantrums.

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