Book Review: The Other Wives Club by Shari Low

I just got done reading “The Other Wives Club” by Shari Low.  I think I selected this book a while ago because it came up in an Amazon email and was cheap.  I was looking for a fun read and this was right on point!

The book is about this man named Drew, who is turning 50 and books a cruise to the Mediterranean with his current wife, his two ex-wives, and his family.  Add to that one of his ex-wives new husband and his adult son and you have one dysfunctional family setting. 

I love the way the author set the book up into three pieces per chapter, the viewpoint of Tess, the current wife, Sarah, the first wife, and Mona, the second wife (who stole Drew from the Sarah).  What also makes this book interesting is that all three women are about ten years apart in age difference.  The author writes about once incident but you get to read how each of the three women react and what each other think about the other.  At times, it is quite funny!

The setting on the cruise ship makes me long for our next vacation.  The author is from Gasgow. Scottland so the writing is very Scottish with words like mum, cow, and favourite.  It just adds to the uniqueness of this book.

I’ve downloaded another of her books “A Life Without You”, which I am sure will be more emotional than this light hearted fun summer read I just finished.

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