Friday On A Monday

My WI will be a day late this week due to my work schedule.  I have been anxious to see if I’ve dropped since I feel like I’ve done well with my tracking this week.  Since I’ve done well with tracking, I also feel like I should have whooper of a weight loss.  After all, I tracked!  I did peek at the scale on Friday and was reminded that I drank some beer over my “weekend.”

Needless to say, the scale is still down, just not anything near a whooper!  I still have one more day though so we will see what Tuesday morning brings.  I’ll admit, I’m nervous.  I really want to break out of the yo-yo cycle I’ve been on.

I did some meal planning this week and have been sticking to my plan.  But, I think I’m feeling bored again, because I’m feeling that itch to eat out.  I have gads of recipes I’ve found online, I just need to actually put it into motion and make some of them.  Maybe if I can spice up the taste buds, I can continue to resist the urge to eat out.

I’m going to have to change my sleep around somewhat for my trip to Coeur d’ Alene Wednesday to film our north dispatch center for our recruitment video.  I am working from 4pm to 2am on Monday night/Tuesday morning vs. my usual graveyard shift that goes until 6am.  That is why I can’t attend my meeting until Tuesday.  So, I’m going to attend the morning meeting.  I don’t think Donna is there as she said she would be taking some time off, but it is always nice to see my morning WW peeps.

I’m tired today.  I still have two and a half hours in my shift to go and it feels like the clock is slowly ticking by.  I am officially on days off starting Tuesday morning at 2am.

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