Weekly WI: A GREAT Loss

I had a loss of 1.4 pounds at the WW scale today.  Yippie!!!  Also, my home scale and my WW scale were only 0.1 pounds different, which doesn’t usually happen.  I think having my personal training sessions before my WW meeting (now that I can attend Monday night meetings again) works out to my advantage.  I am happy with my loss and am feeling energized this week to get back on track!

We are five weeks in on our 13-week meeting challenge.  If you attend 11 of 13 meetings, you get a summer WW charm.  We also got a bonus star for attending this week since it is the 4th of July.  So, now I have an extra free-be.  But, I don’t plan to miss out on any meetings.  Even if I can’t attend my Monday night meeting the next two weeks due to work, I’ll attend another meeting sometime in the week.

The 13-week WW challenge also coincides with our next vacation.  I’ve been researching trip stuff the last few days at work and I am itching for vacation.


My training session with Tyson was a good one today.  We did a 360 workout and hit all muscle groups with box stair steps in between each strength movement.  It feels good to get in a total body workout in 30-minutes and it leaves me feeling energized.  I am also feeling extra energized because I HAVE TWO WHOLE DAYS OFF IN A ROW!!!  (I hope I didn’t just jinx myself).  I have Tuesday and Wednesday off along with only a 4-hour overtime shift on Thursday.  So, that alone is boosting my mood.  I really need a break and it is about to come my way.

So, I plan to stay focused, stay the course with my meals, and get in some activity.  I do have some plans this week but I’m going to keep my eye on the prize as I look forward to a loss again next week.  After all, I’ve only got 68 days to get more weight off until vacation.

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