Are The Foods You Eat Worth It?

The meeting topic this week at WW is “Is this food worth it?”  That is actually also our monthly topic too!

There will come a time in any weight loss or maintenance journey where you might have to ask yourself if the food you are about to put into your mouth is worth it.  Whether it is a food it is high in calories/points or it is a food that doesn’t taste good despite being low in calories/points.  We often have to evaluate if the food it worth it or not.

Our leader asked us what we consider an “indulgence” and if it is positive thing or a negative thing.

I decently consider an indulgence to be something sweet or a yummy dessert!  It is ALWAYS worth the PPVs.  I guess really any food that I don’t have on a daily/usual basis would be an indulgence.  I never view it as a negative unless I have “over-indulged” which still happens from time to time.

I really love the Italian chocolate cake at Johnny Carino’s Italian Restaurant.  It is delicious and really easy to split into four portions, assuming you don’t eat it all in own setting!  It also freezes well.  To me this is an indulgence because the chocolate is so rich and delicious.  It is almost melt in your mouth!


I also love anything with Reeses Peanut Butter Cup and ice cream!  It is my favorite kind of shake and ArcticCircle makes the best in town!
Somebody in my WW meeting said Lays Potato Chips are her indulgence.  Yum!  She says that she will count out her 15 chip portion and make sure she doesn’t have it every day.  That way she has something to look forward to every few days with her tuna sandwich. 

Indulgences can mean something different to everybody.  Whatever your indulgence is, I hope it is a positive thing for you.  Food should taste good.  How can something that tastes good be bad?  If you can plan for it, eat it, enjoy it, and track it, then I say indulge every once in a while!

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