The National Weight Control Registry

I joined the National Weight Control Registry a few years ago.  Lynn from Lynn's Weigh was encouraging those that have lost more than 100 pounds to join.  There isn’t really good statistics out there for people maintaining a large weight loss.

The initial questioner was barbaric!  There were a lot of questions to answer about eating and exercise routines.  They also required copies of photos and weight records.  Thankfully since I lost my weight with WW I had all of that easily accessible.

I will admit there have been times when the paperwork shows up in the mail each year and I set it aside.  The questioner is long.  Then I remember how important it is to have these statistics and how I can do my part as I continue to be a weight loss success story.

The National Weight Control Registry now sends the annual survey online.  It cuts out filling in the dots with a Number 2 pencil!  It is pretty basic.  You just fill out questions about your current weight, if you have gained or lost any weight in the last year, and your general eating habits. 

If you fit the criteria, considering joining the NWR.  You need to be at least 18 years of age and have maintained at least 30 pounds weight loss for one year or longer.

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