What Would Your Letter Say?

Are you familiar of the Brad Paisley song, “Letter To Me?”
“If I could write a letter to me

 And send it back to myself at 17”

I heard this song when I was driving in the car yesterday. It got me thinking. If I could write a letter to my younger self, would I tell myself not to gain the weight?

I don’t really know.

I could tell my younger self that gaining so much weight and getting up to 304 pounds is really unhealthy. I could tell my younger self that I will be much happier if I worked more on incorporating healthy habits now. I could tell my younger self that I won’t have to take cholesterol medicine if I clean up my eating now. I would definitely tell my younger self to take a few nutrition classes!

However, if I told all of this to my younger self, I would be missing out on some awesome life experiences that shaped me into the person that I am today.

I really enjoyed college. I know part of why I enjoyed it was happy hour and social eating and drinking (responsibility) with my friends. While I still enjoy social drinking, I am hyper aware of PPVs and the same goes for happy hour foods. I enjoy time with my girlfriends once a month but it isn’t as frequent as it was when I was in college. I also enjoyed the cheap pizza delivery to the college dorms late at night! I would have probably skipped that….well…we are talking about pizza here though. Let’s not be silly!

I would have missed out on the opportunity to meet so many wonderful WW friends, leaders, and receptionists. I would not have known how big my support system really was. I would have missed out on attending my weekly meetings, which I look forward to.

I might not have met Kenyon. When Kenyon and I met, I was on this new lifestyle journey that had changed my outlook on life as a whole. While I wasn’t ready to date, part of why we clicked so well is because we were both living life to the fullest. We didn’t want to turn down any opportunity. That is why we travel so much.

I might not have known how strong I really am. I might not realize that when pushed to the breaking point, I can still find the strength to give just a little bit more. And, when there is no more to give, to just continue to hang on.

This journey I have been on has been a whole life change. If I could go back and prevent it from happening I am not sure I would want to. I have grown so much as a person through this journey. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

What would your letter say? 

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