How I Spent My 4th of July

I spent my 4th of July in McCall, Idaho.

It wasn't for just for fun although fun was still had by all! I volunteered and was selected to work in our Mobile Command (MCC) for the 4th of July detail in McCall.

I have never spent much time in McCAll and have never been there on the 4th of July. I am a Silver City girl so that is were we spent our 4th of July weekends. The small town of McCall draws a huge crowd! I am convinced the town of McCall makes all it's money twice a year: Winter Carnival and 4th of July.

My supervisor Marc and my coworkers John and Hetty and I drove up to McCall on Wednesday. We had a brief tour of the area and North Beach before dispatching for a while that evening.

We were set up in our own condo and had a few troopers for neighbors. We were nice and fed them a few meals! Dispatchers always come prepared with food!

The days were long. We were told we could be working 12-14 hour days. Nothing could have prepared me for the sheer exhaustion I would face. Despite the long work days there was also very little sleep and very few hours for sleep turnaround. There were more than a few yawns seen.

Hetty and I were also assigned to North Beach, which is that area where the minors flock with hoards of alcohol. We were required to be at North Beach during the day so if needed we could assist the troopers with their pat searches of females they take into custody. They aren't wearing much (think bikinis and flip flops) but it is good to have other females present just in case. We were only at North Beach for the 4th. It was a really slow weekend overall so there wasn't need for Hetty and I the other days. We arrested six minors in possession of alcohol on the 4th. Most of them cried when the handcuffs came on.

I am most sad that I didn't get a photo of the boat that had a “stripper pole” on it. I guess you can say you have seen it all when there is a stripper pole boat!

It was a great weekend. I am glad I had the opportunity to work the McCall detail and become more familiar with the MCC. We had a great group of dispatchers and troopers and I enjoyed getting to visit with each of them.

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