Comparison Photos

I wrote theisblog post the other evening at home.  As I got ready to post it, I saw Lynn poated her monthly AIM serious blog post.  It is about support and how YOU can be the biggest support to your weight loss and maintenance journey.

I like comparison photos. I think photos in general can help us really see our weight loss and maintenance efforts. It is too easy to get wrapped up in your own head.

I also find that as I get further and further into maintenance I start to forget what I once looked like. The body I live in now becomes more and more normal.

I have traveled to Canada twice. Once was by myself and once with Kenyon. I took photos at the same souvenir stop so I could have something to compare.

In my first trip, I had lost about 50 pounds and weighted about 250. The second trip I was at my goal weight of 175.

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