America's Independence

This is Hailey and Cousin Sarah a few years ago

Happy 4th of July!!!

I love this time of year. I have many great memories of spending time in Silver City playing kids games, winning ribbons, and digging for candy and money in straw. Silver City has a 4th of July celebration every year. It is something that has been passed down to the next generation and Hailey and Emma have tons of fun.

I also have many memories of Melba and the Old Tyme 4th of July celebration they have each year. We would gather out at Grandma Amos' house to eat and socialize. As soon as dusk arrived we would move outside on the lawn and watch the fireworks display. It is the best in the valley.

My Dad helped to set off fireworks at area events with a local company. As a kid, I spent many years picking up the shells left behind after a show. We were rewarded for our efforts with pizza after.

When I graduated high school my Aunt Barb flew me to Washington DC for two weeks to visit. I chose to visit during the 4th of July so I could watch the fireworks display on the Capitol Mall.

I can't help but think of family each 4th of July. While my shift work makes it difficult to spend time with them each year, I hold onto the great memories.

Happy Independence Day America!

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