My Ihli Family

I have a great family. We are very close and since everybody lives in the area we get together often.

I organized a group photo shoot with my Dad's side of the family last October. It was quite a task ensuring everybody had the day off. Once our photo appointment day arrived it was cold and dreary. I wasn't about to cancel it! We put on our coats and smiled for the camera. We celebrated after with pizza for my birthday (conveniently also in October).

This is my Dad, his siblings, and parents.

My Grandparents Nick and Dolores.

 My Dad's sister Teresa and my Uncle Eric.

 My Dad's Sister Gerri and my Uncle Burke.

Here is the grandkids with Grandma and Grandpa.

And the kids with Mom and Dad. 

My Mom Jan and Dad Pat.

My sister Jenny and her husband Will.

 My brother Brandon.

 Kenyon and I.

 Katie, Hailey and Emma. (Look at Emma's face.  Hahaha).

Credit for these amazing photos goes to J.A. Blake Photography.  She, however, is no longer in business.

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